Thursday, 31 May 2012

Kids Co-op Link Up (#11 for me)


Welcome to this weeks Kids Co-op Link up. Have a look at all the amazing ideas out there, get a bot of inspiration, and link up your child orientated posts. Here is what I am linking up this week.

Chalk Garden Table
(Goblin is 31 months)
Hublet and I invested in a new coffee table recently. We were going to throw the old one out, but it is a perfect size for Goblin. So we moved it into the garden.

We painted the top with black board paint. The paint dried really quickly which was just as well because Goblin was ready to use it straight away. 
I was quite please because he's not usually a big mark maker (he used to be when he was younger but recently he's not so interested). Once he'd done with drawing I drew a road map for him. This was also a great hit. 
Now to the Linky
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  1. What a great idea for giving new life to an old table! :)

  2. i love that table! looks like the goblin has some fun things to do outside!

  3. That is a really good idea and one that heaps of people would be able to do. Pretty sure I have a table (or even 2) under the house that we just don't use any more, otherwise, picking one up at an Op Shop would be cheap and easy. Thanks for the idea!

    1. I love that you have tables under the house. We don't really get raised houses in the UK so it sounds really odd that you'd have something under your house.

  4. I've wanted to make an outdoor chalk table ever since last summer when I saw it on The Imagination Tree. Really looking forward to doing it this summer. I just need to get hold of some chalk board paint

  5. We were working on changes/upgrades to our backyard too -- I love this idea and am trying to figure out where we could use black board paint. So clever!!

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  7. This post is perfect for the Monday Kid Corner Weekly Linky Party. The next party goes live Sunday morning and this week’s theme is SIDEWALK CHALK. Be sure to brush off those archives as well and link them up at See you there! Jennifer


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