Monday 16 April 2012

Baking with Boy Hublet Stylee

You may remember Hublet's last post about baking. Well he's been at it again. Here is his latest post unedited by me, ready for your enjoyment. My only request was to have a photo of him to put at the top (this is the one he chose!). 

(Goblin is 30 months, Hublet is 362 months)
 Oh no it is Hublet again!

Before I get onto my main post, I have to put this down for the world to see.
The other morning I asked Goblin what he wanted for breakfast, he said chicken.  I asked if he was sure and he assured me he wanted chicken.
So I cook him up some chicken wings from scratch.
I present them to him and he looks confused, and says, "what's that?".
I tell him chicken
He says it is not, leads me into the kitchen, gets me to pick him up and grabs the box of cornflakes explaining "this chicken"

The box has a picture of a cockerel on it.  Sigh.

As you may or may not know, Monko and I have been on a diet for some time now.   You may not be able to tell from the posts we make (and from the amount of baking which goes on) but we have had some success, although there has been a great deal of fail due to Christmas, birthdays, holidays, Easter and the fact that I am a gluttonous foodmonster who will consume all object in the vicinity which fall into the criteria of “things which fit in my mouth”.

In light of this, I have been banned from making cakes like this:

When Goblin got up this morning we went through the usual breakfast routine of:

“Do you want cereal or toast for breakfast?”
“Chocolate cake daddy!”
“Chocolate cake isn’t really breakfast is it?”
“Make cake!”
“Well, maybe later, but would toast do for now?”
“Butter and jam?”
“Yes, with butter and jam”

And so the deal was made.
Through the morning he asked a few times again to make cake and wasn’t appeased by my attempts to make cakes out of wooden blocks

I then felt guilty as Goblin isn’t on a diet, and I have very little self control.  To the kitchen!

I had the idea that I could make a fruit with cake in, I mean a cake with fruit in.  This could then be legally classed as a vegetable and therefore diet friendly.

To avoid the usual anvil like nature of fruitcake I got out the electric whisk.

Bad idea.
Even with the prospect of cake at the end of it, Goblin does not like the whisk.  He reversed down the steps into the corner as soon as I started it up and refused to have a go himself.  It is virtually impossible to get pictures of a fleeing toddler while holding a whisk in the other hand so unfortunately I mainly have pictures of him in between.
 Goblin likes weighing things out and putting them in the bowl, he is reluctant to just pour things in, preferring to do it in little handfuls.  Perhaps this is to prolong the activity.
Eventually we finished with the boring measuring part and got onto the actual point of the whole activity.
Licking the beaters
 While it is in the oven I ought to do some recipification.

Blueberry cake 
  • Preheat oven to 180C (or whatever that is in feet and inches)
  • Melt 170g of butter
  • Add 170g of caster sugar and beat with your electric toddler scarer until creamy
  • Add 3 eggs, one at a time, beating the mix between each one
  • Sieve in 170g of plain flour (in our case Goblin kept trying to eat the flour, despite it not tasting very nice) then whisk again
  • Add 1.5tsp baking powder, 1tsp vanilla essence and 4tbsp of milk then do the whisky thing again
  • Dump in 150g of blueberries then give a little whisk so they are a little bit squished
  • Line a couple of sponge cake tins with baking parchment and pour in the mix
  • While it was baking, I whipped together a bit of cream cheese, butter and icing sugar for a filling
  • Bake for about 25 minutes or until set
  • Remove, cool, ice, devour

Here is it just out of the oven
 And Goblin waits somewhat patiently
 And here it is iced, the berries sank somewhat but it only makes a cosmetic difference.
It can be difficult to guess now much involvement an activity will have for a toddler, both dependent on their concentration level and general mood at the time.
This one went okay in the end, but mainly because at each stage Goblin was asking “Eat it now?” and I could say “Not quite yet, but very nearly!”

 I will be sharing this with 
Tuesday Tots


  1. I love the pics! And of course licking the beaters is the best part! Looks like a great job done by both...thanks for sharing...although my weight watchers points may not stretch that far.....

    1. Tell me about it - I'm trying to do 'slim fast' and Goblin and Hublet keep baking goodies - aaaagh!

  2. Hilarious story about the chicken. Can't believe you actually made the wings, and first thing in the morning! Such patience!

  3. He know what he was talking about for his chicken breakfast! too cute! Thanks for linking up this delish cake with us over at tip toes thru tuesday

  4. I was at work when Hublet emailed to tell me about the chicken story. I nearly wet myself laughing in the office. I think my colleagues were a bit worried about my sanity.

  5. hahahahaha! You crack me up :-) Love the chicken for breakfast! And the hublet photo choice :-)I'm trying to come up with healthy baking options too, I like your theory on the fruit - we did something somewhat similar this week, but really I am also a gluttonous foodmonster. Like Jode, not so great for the Weight Watchers.

    Thanks for sharing on Happy lil ❤'s are baking (although the link to your baking wasn't sending me to the right post - do you want to link again?)

  6. Very nice post but I don't envy you. Glad mine are grown and have there own and I can sit back and laugh. Makeing those wings in the morning your a good one.

  7. oh how fun! "chicken" - that's a good one - your cake looks delicious!


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