Friday 2 March 2012

Blog Award - Liebster

Rachel over at Sparkling Bay has passed on the Leibster Blog award to me. I am really chuffed that she thought of my blog for this award. Thank you so much Rach. 

I have received this award once before. I hasten to add this makes the fact I got it again no less cool, but the good thing is, this time round I know the deal (last time I got it I was very confused about how this all worked and had to ask some really dumb questions) - it is a way of spreading the readership of blogs with less than 200 followers, who you think your readers might enjoy.  The idea is that you pass the award on to the owners of blogs you like reading. 

So, here are my picks for this award and why, in alphabetical order.  
Dilly-Dali Art - This is one of these blogs that I have been aware of for some time because its always being featured on other blogs that I read, but for some reason I hadn't found the time to check it out until recently. And as soon as I did I was hooked. I had assumed it wouldn't qualify for this award on the basis that its for blogs with under 200 followers, but according to the widget in the side bar it still qualifies - hurrah. You have to check out the amazing art stuff that they do, its stunning. 

H is for Homeschooling - Another amazing blog for toddler educational ideas. Sierra's older son Boogie is the same age as Goblin so I often pop in to get inspiration. She also hosts a great link up "Whats on the tray Wednesday", and a fab series of guest posts that I contributed to, which is on Sundays and is about sharing parenting fails. The author of this blog is so lovely at leaving supportive comments and has made me really feel like part of a blogging community. 

Learning for Life - This fantastic blog makes me want to move to Ireland just so Goblin can attend the pre-school which is the feature of most of the posts. They do such amazing out door play and I get inspiration every time I go there. It makes me want to take Goblin outside as often as possible.

Rainy Day Mum - This is a blog that I only discovered recently and then wished I'd known about it sooner. It has fantastic craft ideas as well out door play, indoor play, and three {yes Three!} weekly link ups "made with Love" "Tuesday Tots" and "Kids Co-op".

We Can Do All Things - This is a fantastic blog with loads of great and unique educational activities for toddlers. The fact that the star of the blog, Adeline, is super cute and very photogenic also helps make reading the blog so very pleasurable. I steal a huge number of my ideas from here so its nice to have an opportunity to confess that in public. 

I hope you find the time to pop over and check out these blogs. They are fantastic inspiration to me. 

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