Monday 23 January 2012

On the Shelves - Colour matching

(Goblin is 27 months)
I decided to do another blitz on colour. We do talk about colour a lot. Goblin knows Yellow, Orange and Pink. He recognises Blue and Purple most of the time, but he never recognises Red or Green. I started to wonder whether he might be colour blind (Paranoid mum alert!), because Red-Green colour blindness is the most common. But if you give Goblin red objects and green objects he can sort them, and match them, he just can't name them. So it isn't colour blindness, its just forgetfulness. 
So the activities I put on the shelves this week to help him with his colour naming (and matching) included:
His Christmas present colour and count stacker. 
I found some great colour matching printables on The Princess and the Tot blog. I printed off two lots and put one out with crayons so Goblin could colour the right circles with the right colour (he hasn't shown any interest in doing this yet though).
The other one I put on the shelf with a board covered in coloured stickers so Goblin could match the stickers to the right coloured circles. 
We have lots of half used sticker books from when Goblin went through his sticker obsession. He was obsessed with stickers but only if they were vehicles. We bought a couple of amazing sticker books with a variety of stickers in them only to find he lost interest as soon as all the cars and lorries had been used up. They have sat unloved on the book shelf for months. But as you can see he was interested in this activity - although not very good at it! We talked about the colour names a lot though. 
One thing I didn't put on the shelves was his colour matching cards. He has had these for ages but to be honest I forgot about them. But I was looking for something the other day and I found them. Goblin spotted them and instantly started to pull the matching cards off the laminated sheets (I velcro them to the back of the card for storage) and match them up. He loves them. I downloaded these from
I also put some of his cars on the shelf with some colour cards I had laminated. These were a big hit. First we matched the cars. Then he went and got a whole bunch more and we did those too.
And later we sat at the other end of the room and rolled them at the right coloured card - we were both really bad at this. But we both enjoyed it a lot. Not sure how much colour learning went on. When I showed Goblin the red bus and said "what colour is this" he said "bus" - hmmm!

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  1. I simply LOVE how you used my Color Sorting sheet with stickers!! I'll have to try that variation, too!

  2. Great color matching activities! My son always loved activities like your vehicle and color card matching. Thanks for linking up with Montessori Monday. I featured your post at the Living Montessori Now Facebook page:

  3. Wonderful colour matching activities! This is a must share page! :)

  4. Your ideas are GREAT! I shared this on my facebook page!

  5. color matching the cars to the mats is a great idea down on a little ones level.


  6. I am your newest follower!! I love the salt dough bowls and the color matching sticker sheet. Great ideas. I am also hosting a bloghop where bloggers can share their fun, frugal, kid-friendly ideas. Please consider linking up.

  7. Thanks for linking up to fun frugal friday. : )

  8. Thanks for linking this at WOTT! If we didn't live across the ocean, I think Goblin and Boogie would be great pals! Same age, same interests, they just call trucks different things :) And Boogie would definitely be jealous of Goblin's hair (and by Boogie I mean me). I have never given Boogie a haircut! Can you believe that? Anyway, now that I am done lamenting the hairlessness of my children, I am going to feature this post. I just haven't decided what picture yet because each tray is awesome :)


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