Sunday 29 January 2012

DIY Thank you cards

(Goblin is 27 months)
Check out this Thank you card. 
I got it from Bubble's mum. She is so good at giving out Thank you cards - unlike me who usually ends up making them out of scrappy bits of Goblin's art and then walking around with them in my handbag for weeks and ending up binning them because it would be too embarrassing to give them to someone three months after the event.
So when I received this card I thought, wow that's professional, but its actually also made using a piece of Bubble's artwork.
What she has done is taken a piece of card, cut a rectangle in the middle. And used that as a frame for the picture. Then folded the end in over the back. I have done a little diagram.
Very simple but very effective. I shall be using this from now on!

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