Thursday 1 December 2011

Christmas trees

(Goblin is 25 months)
Yesterday Hublet and I were at home while Goblin was at nursery (this is unusual but that's a whole other story). We took advantage of this Goblin free time to put up the Christmas decorations including the tree. Usually Hublet makes me wait until closer to Christmas but this year I have be feeling festive since mid November and just couldn't wait. 
When Goblin came home from nursery he was delighted. He rushed in and started stripping the tree, saying look balls, as he pulled off one bauble after another. Then he found the disney Eyore and said "look donkey" as that came off the tree. He "counted" the stars - he pointed at them and I counted as he pulled them off. So we paused and had a little explanation of why the decorations would be nicer if they stayed on the tree. I am please to say that this morning only Eyore was stripped from the tree. 
After he'd calmed down a bit I sat him on my knee and turned off all the lights except the christmas tree lights. He sat for about fifteen minutes watching them and the ones on our little fibre optic tree we bought last year when we didn't trust Goblin not to eat christmas decorations. 
Every so often he'd ask me to turn the main light on, then he'd say "off" and sit again quietly mesmerised. It was a beautiful start to the festive season and a lovely thing to do to calm him down before bed time. 
Yey Christmas!

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