Friday 11 November 2011

Wiggly Worms

(Goblin is 25 months)
We were playing in the garden today. Goblin was using one of his diggers to dig sand in the sandpit. It got quite sandy so he asked for some water to wash it and his hands. Normally this is where Goblin gets me to let him stand on his steps at the sink for half an hour running the taps and getting water all over the floor. But today I'd already done quite a lot of cleaning up after him so I filled a bowl with warm soapy water and popped it out in the garden for him to play with. After cleaning his digger and hands he poured the water onto the path. 
And within minutes the place was crawling (or should I say slithering) with worms. I think the washing up liquid may have made them surface. We counted 7 of them wiggling across the path. Goblin was not at all sure whether he liked them so he took refuge in the house and watched them from the door step. 
I picked one up so he could see how it moved. He was really fascinated. He watched them for about 15 minutes - which for him is very impressive. What a great bit of unintentional learning.


  1. Oh I love the name of your blog! Thanks so much for linking up this week. I teach nursery children & most morning there are always several children who spend time searching for worms, slugs & snails :)

  2. So happy to have you linking up with us! Worms are so fascinating, we've spent many a 'walk' just standing observing worms, though you're braver than me to pick one up! :-p

    Glad you're excited about the Outdoor Play Party! Hope we'll see you regularly! Welcome!

  3. What fun! We love digging and finding worms at our house. My girls like to try and wiggle on the ground to move like worms do and if you put a worm on a clean sheet of paper you can hear their little bodies moving! Yup, we have some fun with worms at our house!
    So glad you found the outdoor play party. We are thrilled to have you joining us.

  4. I love that you guys have an outdoor play link up - we spend so much time outdoors


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