Monday 24 October 2011

Rainy Day Activities - Part 4: Bake a cake

(Goblin is 24 months)
Rainy weather always makes me want cake and other yummy food. Unfortunately we don't have any in the house because Hublet and I are on a diet. 
But we did have all the ingredients for a cake and because we are on holiday we decided diet be hanged we'd make cake. Hublet is the domestic god of the kitchen, and that includes baking. So it was down to him and Goblin to get their bake on. Goblin watched while Hublet set up the scales. We explained to him what they were, he thought the dial was a clock. 
 This was a great opportunity for Goblin to practice his pouring skills. First with the flour; 
 Then with the sugar. Then Hublet added the eggs and butter. Goblin stirred the mixture with us regularly reminding him to keep the spoon in the bowl. 
 And once the cake was baked Goblin was really keen to help with the icing. In the picture below he's trying to climb the cooker to help! 
 He was pretty good at helping to eat it though. 
MMM! Cake. What a great activity, we should do that again tomorrow. 

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