Thursday 27 October 2011

Outings - the beach

(Goblin is 24 months)
The beach is a great place to take kids come rain or shine (or snow for that matter). We are currently on holiday in the Gower next to a beach that is 3 miles long. The sea stays shallow for a long while so Goblin can wade in and not get out of his depth - which gives us a chance to catch up as he normally heads to the sea at speed. When we first visited this beach Goblin was 10 months. He crawled as fast as he could (which was fast) to the sea and spent the next hour playing in the surf. This year we visited at Easter and again in the Summer and Goblin hurled himself into the sea with zeal. 

So I am not entirely sure why we thought the cold weather and rain would stop him trying to hurl himself in this time. 
 His wellies were pretty good at keeping out the tide, until he waded in too deep and the water went over the top. This didn't seem to bother Goblin though. He would have waded in deeper if Hublet hadn't gone in and dragged him back to the shallows. 
 We finally enticed him out of the sea with a promise of cake. Unfortunately the beach cafe is quite far from the sea edge when the tide is out and Goblin spent the long walk back up the beach flitting between wails of "caaaake!" and getting distracted by shells and wet sand and pools formed by dips in the sand. It was quite comedic. 
 We were half way up the beach when it started to rain. And all of a sudden there was the most amazing double rainbow stretching across the sky. You could see both ends of the bottom rainbow. And guess what, this was the first rainbow Goblin has ever seen. He's going to think they are all like this now!

I'm linking this to the Magic Onions' Friday's Nature Table link up. If you get a chance go have a look at what others are up to. 
  Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall 


  1. Oh my these are the most amazing collection of photos, I have never seen a rainbow quite so vivid and I love the one of the Goblin bending down and looking in the sea. He had such fun on a day out with you. Hope you will join me on Country Kids too.

  2. I love the beach. What an absolutely amazing rainbow picture. Don't think I've seen one over the beach before.

  3. What a brilliant rime and the photo's are awesome! The whole rainbow is incredible!

    Thanks for sharing on Family Frolics. :)


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