Friday 14 October 2011

Messy play

(Goblin is 24 months)
This week Goblin and I have been indulging in some messy play. Quite a few of the blogs I read have posts about letting your baby/toddler play with shaving foam. As Hublet has a full facial beard we don't have shaving foam in the house normally so this was never going to be a spontaneous activity. Finally this week I decided to pop into Boots and buy some. 
What the blogs fail to mention is that shaving foam gets EVERYWHERE! And its really hard to wipe up because it seems to expand. And did I mention it gets EVERYWHERE!!!!!!

But it was a very successful activity. Goblin loved it right up to the point where he decided he was covered in just a bit too much foam. I ended up having to bundle Goblin into the plastic sheet with all the shaving foam and dump the whole lot in the bath and shower us all down - yes me too.

If you are going to do this activity I have two suggestions: If at all possible do it in the bathroom (better still in the bath); and secondly don't be tempted to do what I did and give the entire can to your toddler. Yup, in the picture below, under all that foam Goblin is pushing down the button on the shaving foam canister.

The other messy play activity we did was playing with jelly. I made 4 pints of sugar free jelly in a giant tupperware. I put some of Goblin's toys in it - four magnetic letters, a couple of cars and some dinosaurs
Then I popped the tub in the fridge overnight. Today I presented it to Goblin. We dug around together to liberate the toys. Goblin liked the sucking noise the jelly made as we released the toys and he enjoyed slapping it and seeing it wobble. He even tried to name the letters we pulled out. 
 He also discovered that he could clean the cars by licking the jelly off. 
 Delicious and fun!

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