Monday 22 August 2011

Why start a Home Ed blog

(Goblin is 22 months)
The Goblin is currently 22 months old. He is a very confident little chap and certainly keeps us on our toes. He's very curious and is into everything. He also has amazing energy and loves to be outside and moving around. Even before he learnt to walk his crawling speed was supercharged. His little bum would wiggle like a fish through water as he sped round the house. He mastered walking the week after his first birthday, and from then on he's had one speed - running!

Our current master plan is to home school the Goblin. Hubblet and I both work part time so we can share care of Goblin, and this set up feels ideal to carry on into school years. When I mention to friends that we are planning on homeschooling I have received mixed reactions, most of them are less than positive. I think the best comment was "you wouldn't do that to him would you?". Well we'll see. Its a while before we have to commit whole heartedly to homeschooling but it is certainly the direction that we are currently heading in.

As a result of these plans I have found myself thinking a lot about the best ways to create a good learning foundation for Goblin. I don't want to push him into academic stuff like reading and maths too early. I want him to have every opportunity to grow through playing and fun. But I do want to expose him to letters and numbers so that when he is ready they are familiar to him. I find it is a difficult balance to strike and sometimes I find myself panicing that I am not providing Goblin with enough opportunities to learn early enough. That is usually when Hubblet steps in with something reassuring like "stop being a mentalist". And then i take a deep breath and remember that Goblin is a baby and our prime goal is to keep him happy and amused. 

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