Saturday 15 February 2014

The Sunday Parenting Party - The contrariness of 4 years old.

(Goblin is 4 years old)

You look so big, yet you look so little;

You have so many facts to tell me, yet so much to learn;

You love my cuddles, yet you seek independence;

You still get frustrated, yet you are learning how to handle it;

You make me proud when you remember your manners, yet you make me laugh with your inappropriate honesty;

You chat to strangers as if you knew them forever, yet you fear some cartoons that you have watched many times;

You can be uncontrollable and impulsive, yet you surprise me with your thoughtful acts;

You madden me regularly with your strong willed assertions, yet you impress me with your acts of confidence;

You have only been with us for four short years, yet it feels like you have been with us forever;

You are my incredible lovely four year old son. 
Taming the Goblin

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  1. Ah, I love this :) I think it applies pretty well to my two and a half year old as well! There is never a dull moment with a little one around, that's for sure.

  2. I love this poem. It is so true that little ones are packed full of contradictions-- loving one minute, standoffish the next; peaceful one second, wild the next.


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