Tuesday 14 January 2014

Make your own matching cards

(Goblin is 4 years old)
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There are lots of wonderful blogs that offer printables to help your child with learning. Goblin and I like doing matching and I have scoured the internet looking for good printables over the last 4 years. However I have come to the conclusion that finding a good printable that fits your child's interests and ability is probably about as time consuming as making your own.
Matching cards really aren't that hard to make.

Step 1: choose a subject
Step 2: Use google images to find decent pictures and save to your computer.
Step 3: Use Picmonkey (or Picasa) to upload inmages and make a collage
Step 4: If you used Picmonkey collage you need to save the collage and reopen in edit picture to add text
Step 5: print out 2 sets (laminate if you have a laminator - they last longer) and cut one of them into single images

When Goblin was younger we did colour matching with tractors and counting with rescue vehicles. His latest interest is marine animals so we made matching cards for sharks. I ordered a selection of plastic shark from Amazon, then looked them up on wikipedia. I used a selection of images saved from Google images and Wikipedia to make the cards. Because the images are someone else's property I can't share the matching cards as printables for others, but making them for my own child is perfectly within acceptable use for other people's photos.

Happy making!

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  1. YAY for matching games! Making your own sounds really easy - I'll have to try it. My son got a game as a gift but I think he's bored with it. Sharks (or tractors) would be much cooler!


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