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Kids Co-op - Kids Baking

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(Goblin is 36 months)
We had another family baking session. This time making pasties. These are great for younger children to make because there isn't a whole lot to them.
You will need:

  • One pack of puff pastry
  • cheese, or
  • chocolate (you can use chocolate spread or chocolate chunks)
  • milk 
  • baking tray
{ N.B. Since posting this I have realised that the UK word pastie - pronounced with an A for apple and used in the term Cornish pastie, is not a term used in the USA. In the USA the word pastie pronounced with an A like in hay, is whole different ball game and if you are easily embarrassed I wouldn't recommend googling it. So let's just chalk this one up as a cultural learning experience! }
Despite this being a very child friendly activity Goblin refused to even attempt to roll out the pastry, choosing instead to tuck into the chocolate filling while supervising Hublet's rolling skills.
Once Hublet had sliced the pastry into squares Goblin did manage some excellent one to one correspondence with a piece of chocolate going on each square of pastry (and quite a lot going in his mouth). We use a selection of mars bars slices, milk chocolate chunks, and blobs of nutella. Hublet also made some cheese ones (Goblin wasn't so interested in those as they didn't involve chocolate).
Once each square had a filling Goblin got to brush round the edges of each square with milk on a pastry brush. Then Hublet helped Goblin fold the pastry corner to corner and poking with his finger down the edges he sealed the filling inside. Then the pasties were placed on a baking tray.
Hublet put the tray in the oven for 15 mins on 180 C/350F/gas 5.
They were super yummy but didn't last long.
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  1. This looks like a delicious cooking project! I love that you made to different varieties of treats.

  2. What a tasty looking treats! I love how fun and laid back your cooking session looks!

  3. Bahahaha, that is so funny, and I learnt something! We say pasties to mean the same thing as you, so had no idea of its other meaning!! And these look really tasty and simple. We'll be trying them for sure - pinning now

  4. these look so good & easy to make with little ones - thanks for this idea & for teaching me something new!!! ;)

  5. Oh, how fun and yummy!! Thank you for sharing at Sharing Saturday!

  6. These look wonderful! My Little People love baking, I think they would love making these :)


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