Tuesday 4 September 2012

Pizza, Pizza, Pizza

(Goblin is 34 months)
Last weekend we went to a BBQ with some good pals. We were all supposed to bring something and I wanted Goblin to contribute. So I decided we should make personal pizzas. Hublet has a bread maker and made some pizza dough for us (but you can buy it ready made in a can at teh supermarlet). I didn't realise how much dough rises and what started out as mini individual pizzas, once stretched a few tims and shaped, turned out to be quite big pizzas - In hind sight I could have split the dough bases: hind sight is always such a smart arse!
To make this Goblin accessible I laid out the bases on our 'cooking mat' (a giant blue plastic tarpaulin that we do all out kitchen activities on), and put all the toppings in bowls - this adds to the washing up but controls the amount of mess and destruction that Goblin can create (sort of).
First Goblin spread the Passata onto the bases, then he added cheese - he didn't quite get the idea of evenly sprinkling and went instead for piling and towering. He continued the piling approach for the mozzarella and artichoke hearts and I had to dive in and steal some from his pizza mountain to cover the other pizzas.
By the time we got to the chicken breasts Goblin had had enough and wandered off leaving me to finish up - so being quite a lazy soul I left a few vegetarian.

They went down well at the BBQ and I couldn't believe how much pride I got from telling the guys that Goblin made them himself - obviously I waited til they'd eaten them before telling them that my dribbling snot monster had cooked their food!
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  1. This is making me soooo hungry!!

  2. What a fun idea ... and it's great that Goblin was able to contribute to a special event! Thanks for linking up with Montessori Monday. I featured your post at the Living Montessori Now Facebook page on Thursday!

  3. Love doing this with the kids! Great way to satisfy different cravings on the pizza too! thanks for linking with tip toe thru tuesday!


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