Thursday 26 July 2012

Kids Co-op (#19 for me)


Its time for Kids Co-op, that great link up organised by Nurturestore and Lasso the moon, and hosted by a heap of bloggers from around the world, where you can share any of your favourite kid oriented posts and be inspired by everyone else's. Here is what I am linking up this week:
Nod to the Olympic opening ceremony
(Goblin is 33 months)
Tomorrow is the Olympic opening ceremony of London 2012. The Olympic stadium will be transformed into the British countryside in the Danny Boyle's opening scene of the ceremony, titled "Green and Pleasant" after the song Jerusalem which is the countries unofficial national anthem. In a nod to all things Olympic I thought I'd share with you our trip to the farm with my family (mum, dad, twin sister and her husband) which really captures just how green and pleasant our little island can me. 
This last one is Goblin being a tractor towing the old folk up the hill. In case any of you kind people have spotted Goblin's head plaster and are concerned I should explain that it is purely an accessory - No Goblin's were hurt in the making of this post!
And now to the Linky

I'm sharing this with
Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall



  1. Looks like fun and so many creative ideas in the link up.

  2. The farm looks very relaxing. It's great to remember what a lovely Island we live in :-) I'm also glad The Goblin wasn't hurt and the plaster just was an accessory!

  3. What a wonderful family time! I love to swing too.

  4. the pictures portrayed the great time you all were having.

  5. The green really is beautiful!
    I thought I'd join in the party fun. Thanks for hosting this.

  6. **Phew** good to hear that no goblins were hurt!! :-) And what is it about plasters and accessories? Mine can't get enough of them!

    Lovely post!


  7. What beautiful photos. I'm glad no one was hurt.

  8. How beautiful our Country side is. Lovely looking walk and Goblin does look proud of himself towing the Grandparents! I wonder if he could give Farmer Nick's tractor a day off sometime here on the farm?! Thanks for linking up with Country Kids

  9. Beautiful pictures! Oh how I miss our green and pleasant land! :)

  10. How beautiful was the weather last week.Lovely photos!


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