Friday 6 January 2012

Bubble's woodland wandering

(Goblin is 26 months)
I have a little guilt. I invited Bubble and his mum for a walk in the woods and I forgot to mention just how muddy the woods can get - especially as it had been raining all week. 
 Poor Bubble didn't quite know what to make of the mud and it was compounded when he fell flat on his face into a puddle the length of his entire body. He had waterproof dungarees and jacket on so he didn't get wet through, but he did get covered in mud and he was quite upset. And this is where I have the most guilt -  he wanted a cuddle, and Bubble's mum was wearing a beautiful white anorak. Ooops!
Considering how muddy Bubble was his mum did an amazing job only getting a little smear hear and there. 
Once the boys found the den we built at the weekend all fears of dirt were forgotten. They ran around collecting sticks and beechnuts. 
 They used the beechnuts to decorate the outside of the den. 
 And then they played inside it. The den is just the right height for our tiny boys. They would have played in it for hours but it started to rain so we played a quick game of hide and seek to entice them back along the path to the cars.
 And we all went to the near by garden centre cafe to warm up and gobble cake - mmmm!

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