Thursday 8 December 2011

Collaborative art

(Goblin is 25 Months)
Goblin has a busy day today. Squeak came over to play.
I'd laid out some 'art' for Goblin. I stole an idea from Get 'er Done Momma. On her blog post she shows her 30 months old son Liam sequencing green triangles to make a Christmas tree picture. If you click on her blog name it will take you to her post. Anyway I loved this idea - art and size sequencing. How difficult can it be I though, I'm sure Goblin can do that.
 Er! No, Goblin could not do that. I guess he had quite a bit of distraction with his friend there. But he didn't come close to making a christmas tree shape.
 They did however make some lovely collaborative art. 
Squeak was really good with the glue pot and the kids Bingo Dabbers. 
Goblin stuck down some of the green foam triangles and sparkly snowflakes, as well as doing the 'art' on this yellow sheet. 
Squeak was also rather taken with the Christmas themed EyeSpy bottle I'd made.

I'm linking this to
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  1. Collaborative art is the best! How sweet that your kids are enjoying themselves (my son just spotted your donkey and said he wants to make one!)

    Thank you for joining Kids Get Crafty!



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