Friday 23 December 2011

Busy bag

(Goblin is 26 months old)
I was having coffee with my friend yesterday and Goblin and Squeak were running around the coffee shop. Eventually we gave up trying to corral them, and strapped them into high chairs so we could have five minutes peace. I gave Goblin some little cars to play with, and Squeak's mum produced a whole world of cool stuff for the boys to play with - chalk board, jigsaws, more cars. Although most of the time Goblin is quite happy with a couple of cars and what ever happens to be around, it occurred to me that I should probably be a bit more imaginative with what I take out to amuse him. So I put together a busy bag.
Obviously I am taking some little cars - I have these stashed everywhere - in the buggy, in the snack bag, in the reigns bag, in my handbag (slightly embarrassing at work sometimes), in the changing bag, in the glove compartment of the car and in my jacket pockets (of all my jackets). (I just misspelled 'car' as 'cat' - I'm telling you now if the cat had a glove compartment there would be little cars in there too).
 I made a little notebook. Goblin quite likes getting me to draw vehicles, and sometimes draw his friends in the windows of the vehicles. I can do this while still holding a conversation. Win all round.
 I'm also putting in the bag a little ink stamp kit that Granny bought Goblin this christmas.
And some tiny clothes pegs. Goblin can practice his pincer grip. I think he'll find it quite hard to get them on the card but he'll probably enjoy just playing with them.
Some lacing. We saw Elfin yesterday and she was lacing and it reminded me how transportable this activity is. I have chosen mainly square beads so they don't disappear all over the shop.
 Pompom and soap dish. Another fine motor activity. The rubber soap dish rolls up really small and the pompoms aren't quite as rolly-polly as round beads.
And my favourite - a picture matching cube that I made using two building blocks with photos and images from google image stuck on the sides.
All of these items fit into a little draw string bag that is smaller than A5 so will fit in any changing bag or buggy.

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  1. Some great ideas there, I especially like the picture matching cubes!

  2. Thanks, Goblin likes them too, he played with them for ages when I showed them to him.


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