Sunday, 24 February 2013

Project 365 - week 7

 Sun over a snowy field
 We found a horse
 My friends beautiful chickens
 Goblin getting to grips with a scrum machine
 The fourth plinth at Trafalgar Square 
 The first signs of spring
And the next day frost on a cobweb (fickle UK weather again)

TheBoyandMe's 365 Linky

You can find previous weeks under the label 365 in my side bar. 

I discovered that there are two photographic projects with the idea of taking daily photos. Two communities, one idea. You can find more about Project 365 communities at TheBoyandMe and at Peas and Carrots Studios

I am using Instagram to host my photos (you can find me on Instagram as Themonko, or click through from the instagram widget in this blog sidebar). In Instagram you can find other project 365 photos by searching the hashtag #project365 or #peascarrots365.


  1. Great photos - and nice to see signs of Spring too!

  2. I know I said it on Instagram but the photo of those frozen webs is amazing, never seen anything like it before. The nose of the horse looks so soft that I could stroke it.

    Thanks for linking up.

  3. These are such great photos. I couldn't choose a favourite. The web is amazing, I keep looking for a frosty cobweb to photograph but haven't come across a decent one, despite our garden being overrun by spiders!


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