Friday 28 December 2012

Christmas Points!

(Goblin is 38 months)
When we have Christmas day with Hublet's side of the family we have a little tradition of making our own Christmas hats using the wrapping paper from the presents that have been opened that morning. The tradition comes mainly from the fact that most of Hublet's family's men folk have huge heads so normal cracker hats don't fit. But this year there was an added incentive to make and wear our hats - Christmas points!
Hublet devised a Christmas competition to be played over the period from Christmas eve to Boxing day eve. Points were accumulated for all things Christmas, from 2 points for any Christmas carol sung in the presence of others, to 10 points for receiving a present larger than a cat. He even cut out a "standard cat" to be used for measuring presents.
There were 5 points for every species of animal eaten at the Christmas dinner with a potential 35 points to be had (unfortunate for Aunt M who is vegetarian - no points there). Goblin lost out on the alcohol points but probably made up for it with all the chocolate he consumed.
Goblin racked up quite a few points for napping and going on bracing walks, although he also got top billing for receiving lots of presents larger than a cat. Aunty S got points for wearing a Christmas jumper and watching Christmas films.
However with a stunning combo of receiving lots of presents, eating a lot of Christmas dinner and watching a lot of Christmas films plus taking it all seriously and remembering to record his points, 
Uncle T Won Christmas.

Hope you all had a great Christmas however you celebrate. 


  1. What a fun idea! I can imagine Christmas points becoming a little too competitive in our house hold and some cheating going on but it makes a wonderful blog post to read! 10 out of 10 Uncle T! Thanks for joining in my blog hop, I wonder how many others will try this next year now?

  2. The hat thing - that's funny! I think you just inspired a new family tradition in our home :) Thanks!

  3. You guys are so much fun! We wanna come to Christmas at your place next year ;-) or at least have our own version of this!!

  4. Sorry I'm a bit late to comment, but I just wanted to say that this sounds like brilliant fun, loved reading this post!

  5. haha I love this! So much fun


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