Saturday 5 May 2012

Great play date

(Goblin is 30 months)
We are doing really well this week with successful play dates. After our fab puddle jumping antics on Thursday, today we went to my friends house and saw 'the ladies'. Goblin was very excited to see two other toddlers there (as well as two babies that he wasn't so interested in).
All the husbands were playing football but Hublet, being of the Rugby persuasion, thinks that "football is a silly game for girls better associated with hopscotch and skipping", so he came with me and Goblin. While we gossiped about pregnancy and childbirth Hublet ran a creche for the three toddlers.
Last time we spent some serious time with Liberty she and Goblin were about 16 months. She was exhibiting all the traits typical associated with female toddlers - sitting quietly and playing at taking her shoe off and putting it back on, while Goblin was being a stereotypical boy, climbing through his painting easel and repeatedly running around the room. But its interesting what a difference a year makes. Liberty's play behaviour is now much more that stereotypically associated with boys. She likes trucks and running up and down the stairs. Goblin was in heaven as they played imaginary shop and built roads out of some flat pack shelving that hadn't been put together yet (its amazing what kids will use as toys).
Apparently Liberty is a bit scared of boys but she played nicely all afternoon with Goblin. Her mum was so intrigued that she asked her "Is Goblin a boy or a girl?". Liberty's response was "Loblin is a girl, her Daddy is a boy". Mystery solved - Liberty was happy to play with Goblin despite her fear of boys, because she thought he was a girl (And also thought he was called Loblin). I find this really interesting. I have seen male toddlers looking quizzically at Goblin when he tries to engage them in play. Maybe they also think he is a girl and are thus curious as to why he is trying to play with them.
H was a very good sport and let the kids decorate her baby bump (with 75 stickers!). Liberty decided the baby inside was called Donald.
When we explained to Goblin that there was a baby inside the bump he wanted to see and said "Open it please". When we'd all finished rolling on the floor laughing we explained that H's baby wasn't ready yet ("its not cooked") so she couldn't open it.
 At this point Goblin turned to Liberty's little sister and said "that one's open"!
More rolling around on the floor laughing. 
I love the idea that you open the belly to get the baby. I guess in my case thats exactly what happened. Lets hope H's birth story is a little bit less exciting.

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  1. Haha, "open it please", that's great! :D

  2. Brilliant post. I find toddler interaction so interesting, J is much better at playing with girls than boys, he doesn't really do the rough and tumble that they want I suspect because he didn't walk until fairly late. However, T is much more like a boy in the way she plays, she does play with dolls and what I would consider more female sterotypical behaviour but of the 2 she is the one that I am more likely to have to get down from the top of the tree/stairs/window sill/fingers out of a drawer etc.... than J who would quite happily sit and play jigsaws, drawing with his shoes than explore

    1. I think one of the reasons that Liberty and Goblin played so well together is that they are both quite big for their age (both greater than the 95th percentile on the charts). With most of Goblin's other friends he is bigger and I think they are sometimes a bit wary, especially when he tried to belly bump them. His sign of affection involves trying to bounce bellies together - not great when the child you are trying to do it to is much smaller - they often end up flying through the air. Its difficult to explain to the mums that he was just trying to be friendly. Liberty was big enough to hold her own. I was amazed how well they shared too.

  3. Those sticker pictures are so cute! Baby's not ready to come out yet...but not too little for a first play date. :-)

    1. i know how cute to have a play date before you are even born, I hope they tell him when he's old enough to understand.

  4. How fun!! Love that sticker activity, I'll have to remember that for the future :)

    1. We really wanted her to cover her belly up for when her husband came home, and tell him she'd broken out in a weird rash!

  5. Aw, I love how they decorated the baby bump. Too cute. Thanks so much for sharing this post with Tuesday Tots!


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