Tuesday, 4 October 2011

More needle felting

(Goblin is 23 months)
I did some more needle felting and I wanted to share because I was so pleased with how they turned out. As promised I made a dragon. 
His tiny arms make him look a bit like a tyrannosaurus (thank you spell check).  I love his surprised look!
He has a pipe cleaner inside so his neck and tail can move and be shaped. And he has pipe cleaners in his legs to help position him. The only thing is I don't think he'll last too long if I let Goblin play with him as his wings are a bit delicate. 

 My other piece is a little wizard. This was inspired by all the Waldorf gnomes I keep stumbling on in the Steiner blogs I've been reading. 
 They are super cute and I love the fact that they are the right size for Goblin's hand. 

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  1. Your dragon is awesome - I've really got to give needle felting a go!


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