Sunday 30 October 2011

More Autumn leaves

(Goblin is 24 months)
We went for a walk today and found lots of beautiful Autumn leaves. Goblin had fun kicking them around and picking them up and throwing them. He kept calling them feathers.  I collected some of the prettier ones and brought them home. 
 The colours were so amazing I made a spectrum to show Goblin. I named the colours for him. He's been more interested in colours recently even if he still hasn't got the hang of which one is which. 
I also sorted them into shapes (ie from each tree). An older toddler could probably do this for themselves but it was a bit beyond Goblin. But he enjoyed watching. 
And all these leaves inspired me to put up my Autumn tree. I've had the branch for ages but haven't got round to trimming it and hanging it. I'm hoping to decorate it differently through the seasons to inspire Goblin. It hangs above his little table. 
Even though we are about to hit November which I would class as the start of Winter,  I have decorated it with an Autumn theme. That will buy me some time to make some Winter decorations. 

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Beneath the Rowan Tree


  1. This is such a nice fall activity. It is amazing how much learning can happen with leaves!!

  2. I love the changing leaves!!! We are enjoying them too. I featured you today on my blog. Thanks for linking up to the All Year Round Blog Carnival: Autumn!


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